Business Security Business Security Will Protect Your Livelihood

  • Business Security is our No#1 priority

  • Crime, Vandalism and Risk management

  • CCTV Systems and 24/7 security surveillance

  • Employees, customers top level protection

  • Family members top level protection

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Business Security Services Take Your Business
Security to the next level

Business security cannot be overlooked. With the rising crime rate in Melbourne as we resurface from lockdown, there has never been a more important time to invest into business security. Stay one step ahead of unwanted crime, theft or vandalism at your premises.






Business Security Will Protect Your Livelihood

Business Security is relevant and necessary for all business types and sizes. It pays to be protected.

Defend Security Group provides a range of business security services. Whether you require a new alarm system or a complete business security installation, we can assist.

After assessing your property site, we will recommend the most reliable business security system that will provide the level of surveillance and perimeter monitoring 24/7 that you require. By uncovering areas of weakness in your existing system, we can also recommend adjustment or potential business security upgrades as well. All of our business security products are modern, smart technology controllable on any device, in any location.

Over the years we’ve worked on just about every type of business in Melbourne. After install, we’ll leave you with full control over monitoring the your property 24/7 with real time intruder alerts and notifications.


Business CCTV Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems are a serious investment, but one that can significantly increase your business security. With the cost of equipment, installation, and management, it’s important to get all the details before installing a new camera system.

We offer a range of business cctv systems but our most recommended would be the reliable Hikvision cameras. Their cctv security system technology are suitable for any size home or business.

Business Alarm Systems

Business Alarms are arguably the most important business security measure for any business. Get alerts instantly when windows, doors, gates, garage doors, even cabinets are opened. Additionally you can control your alarm system easily via a smartphone app. Nowadays, you can control your home smart devices such as audio, video, security cameras and even link to you fire alarm via our smartphone apps.

Centralised, fully customised smart technology all at your fingertips. We install a range of Alarm system with the Paradox system (pictured) being our most recommended, reliable, user friendly system.


Business Access Control

Business Access Control technology has evolved. From no contact secure entry, online credentialing, streamlined visitor management, visitor control, capacity control and social distancing monitoring. We offer a range of access control systems that all size premises.

Access control system cards may be called prox cards, swipe, fobs, magnetic card like RFID/NFC or ID Cards. Regardless on name/type, the function is always the same; to grant access efficiently with a high level security

Business Video Intercoms

Business video intercom systems provide excellent security. They provide strong perimeter protection. Grant/restrict access to your property. Indoor and outdoor monitors can be installed and integrated with a CCTV system. Video intercom systems can also be easily operated remotely via your smartphone app.

After assessing your property, our technicians will advise on a range of suitable video intercom systems that will work best for you building.

Commercial & Business Security System Specialist in Melbourne 24/7 Professional Security Surveillance Solutions

Defend Security Group supplies and installs CCTV Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Intercom Systems to your business or commercial premises. Contact us today to arrange a free site assessment

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